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The Becoming Forest Project

Deep Resilience Training for Uncertain Times

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The Becoming Forest Project was founded in 2023 to help people everywhere cultivate resilience in a time of climate insecurity and other great challenges.

Can we find resilience in the midst of the uncertainty of our era? Lessons learned from those who, despite living with serious and terminal illnesses, have thrived, echoed in the teachings of Native Wisdom Keepers and other great spiritual traditions, tell us that it is. If we put our roots—like trees—into what is interconnected and interdependent, if we realize the interbeing nature of all that is, we can face an uncertain future without fear and with open hearts. 

The Becoming Forest Project offers trainings, seminars, coaching, and consultations to make these practices available to those who feel overwhelmed by the challenges we face today, in particular the enormity of climate breakdown. 

Offerings include:

•    Cultivating deep security in an uncertain world
•    Palliative care for the Earth
•    Earth-connection practices
•    The Work that Reconnects
•    Care of the dying ego
•    The Living Earth as a door to “awake awareness”
•    Learning to be with pain, like a nest in a stream
•    Pathways to engagement e.g., Forest Restoration projects

The following article describes 'deep resilience' in practice:

Three Practices to Combat Climate Grief: Palliative care providers offer a middle path between despair and denial when considering the climate crisis, by Michael Kearney, Joanna Macy, Radhule Weininger, BJ Miller, Balfour Mount, Tricycle, 4/20/23.

In January 2021, a three day Think Tank, funded by the Mind and Life Institute on Wise Climate Action: Contemplation, Justice, and Activism was held as a Zoom event. A gathering of scholars, scientists, artists, activists, and contemplatives considered how best to foster a sense of inner-rootedness and of interconnectedness with nature to support young people and people of all ages in facing the climate crisis and taking actions toward justice. Here is a link to all the recorded content from that event:

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