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Dying with Grace

With host Arlene Stepputat and guest Dr. Michael Kearney, M.D., a hospice and palliative care physician. This episode discusses the history of hospice, mindfulness and using nature for self-care.

KCRW: Learning to Treat My Own Pain

"At the peak of his career as a palliative care doctor in Santa Barbara, Michael Kearney found himself burned out and in a state of personal suffering. Even though he had become an expert in treating the pain of others, he couldn’t treat his own. That changed when he had a revelatory experience that provided him with a path forward" - Johnathan Bastian, KCRW

Learning to Treat My Own Pain KCRW w/ Michael Kearney
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Off the Clock Psych: 

"In this episode, Diana Hill interviews Dr. Michael Kearney, a palliative care physician who takes an interpersonal, integrative approach to healing. Dr. Kearney shares with us how he has had to learn to "breathe underwater" and allow pain to move through him. "

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