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Returning to Sacred Ground

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

This short chapter is in Edward Bastian’s book, Meditations for InterSpiritual Wisdom: Practices and Readings Drawn from the World’s Spiritual Traditions.  Celtic cosmology offers a way of understanding our relationship to the natural world.  This is discussed as well as the attitudes and practices that can help us come into a deeper relationship with other-than-human-nature.  The chapter ends with a guided meditation:

"WITHIN A CELTIC COSMOLOGY there are three worlds: Cruinne, Alltar, and Neart. We can visualize these as three concentric circles with Cruinne—the outermost circle—corresponding to space and time, the causal, material world of everyday reality. Alltar—the middle circle—is the realm of dreams and visions, of a-causality; it is the place we come to in deep meditation, the place we come to before we die. Neart—the innermost and third circle—literally means ‘no-thing’; it the unmanifest that is replete with all possibility. The three worlds of Celtic cosmology are not intended to represent a hierarchical value system. Each world is equally important in its own way. Within this cosmology, the ‘goal’ of spiritual practice is a way of being that allows us to be in all three worlds simultaneously. And when we are, we are awake, alive, and deeply connected. "

" For the Celts, nature and the divine are synonymous. " - Kearney

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